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STORM Malt Whisky

Storm is a spectacular, vibrant Malt Whisky, with wide appeal. Specially selected COASTAL Single Malt Scotch Whisky casks, influenced by the salt air and the sea, are blended together for a more intense flavour.

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2013, 2014 & 2015
Storm (94 Points) – Liquid Gold Award
….superb delivery, the structure is a joy with a lush mouth-feel but the complexity no means stilted. The odd salty note appears to maximise the oaky depth and that light oiliness ensures the barley sweetness lasts; superb light spicing begins to intensify towards the middle; Fabulous finale with that spice hanging on in there and acting as the perfect foil for the deft honeycomb and sugars; so clean you feel your teeth are being polished while drinking. A little gem of a blend that really will take you by storm.


Independent and family owned, Lombard has a family history in the drinks business stretching back almost 300 years.

Aside from Scotch Whisky, the family have had ownership of vineyards in France, cork factories in Portugal and breweries in England. The brewery business initiated the family involvement with whisky, when brewers bottled Whisky in addition to producing Beer.

Lombard Scotch Whisky was established in the 1960s when the company began to lay down fillings at the distilleries and hold, mature and bottle from its own stocks. Lombard entered the market as suppliers of bulk whisky to blenders. Administration was established on the Isle of Man (an old Scottish isle between Ireland and Scotland) and a stock base was developed. The 1990s witnessed the malt whisky category develop and Lombard diversify their interests to the cased goods market - the company's first move to control the utilisation of mature stock

Lombard Scotch Whisky [Lombard Brands Ltd.] has over 40 years experience of supplying bulk whisky around the world We are also an International Bottled Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Blended Scotch Whisky suppliers based in the Isle of Man. We work with our customers to supply the best whiskies and presentations, for their requirements.

International demand for Single Malt Whisky has seen Lombard diversify to the cased Single Malt Whisky market and gain control over the utilisation of mature stock. The portfolio was developed following intensive market research and today has a strong image with backbone as the stylish packaging is well complemented by the breadth and depth of product.



  • Lombard Gold Label - 40% alc./vol

    The original brand to be released from Lombard as it diversified into the cased goods market during the early 1980s. It reflected the company's mood to produce a whisky that aimed to re-create the pre-war image of whisky...

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  • Golden Piper - 40% alc./vol.

    Bagpipes are as much Scotland, as Scotch Whisky and Robert Burns. Golden Piper, like the bagpipes, originates in the Highlands where the character its whiskies are often a reflection of the wild and rugged landscapes.

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  • Old Master - Freemason Whisky

    "The perfect nose to experience blindfolded (how else...?) as the depth of the fruit and grain - and their happy intermingling - is astonishing. A few under-ripe gooseberries here. Light, graceful arrival... "

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  • Jewels of Scotland 2

    "This collection gives the opportunity for buyers to have security of a cask exclusively bottled for them. The whisky will be at cask strength, number of the cask shown, date of distillation and date of bottling. "

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